Tuesday, March 22, 2011

American Watercolor Masters -- Chris Krupinski

Cooking with Wine, 30" x 22"

Although Chris Krupinski has been drawing and painting all of her life, watercolor became her passion after she discovered the medium in the mid-1980s, and she is widely regarded as a brilliant watercolorist. Dynamic light and shadow treatments are prominent in her paintings, and by focusing much of her attention on the smallest details, the viewer is drawn into the intricacies of her work. These two elements have enabled her to create powerfully expressive still lifes and bold compositions.

Lemons and a Lime, 22" x 30"

Clementines and Pitcher, 30" x 22"

Chris has continually drawn rave reviews for her fine art work, winning nearly 100 national awards and honors. She is a signature member of the American Watercolor Society, the National Watercolor Society, Rocky Mountain Watercolor Society, Allied Artists, and the American Artist's Professional League, to name a few. Chris was one of 26 "American masters" invited to the prestigious Invitational Exhibition of Contemporary International Watermedia Masters in Nanjing, China in both November 2007 and May 2010. She has been published in major watercolor publications, has been a featured artist in numerous leading national art magazines and is consistently included in Marquis' Who's Who Internationally, Who's Who in America, and Who's Who Among American Women.

Apples, Stripes, and Jar, 30" x 22"

Pears and a Glass, 30" x 22"

Please go to Chris's website to see more of her exquisite watercolors.