Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Steve Curl

Olmsted Point, 22" x 30"

Steve Curl paints from direct experience, having hiked to each of the magnificent places depicted in these paintings. In his hands, watercolor behaves like nature -- fresh, spontaneous, and elemental in its simplicity. It's portability affords him the opportunity to record his visual impressions quickly and with a natural freshness when he chooses to paint on location, and in the studio, it allows him to play with these natural elements -- water, mineral pigments, natural fiber papers and sable brushes. All of his paintings capture those moments when a turn in the trail reveals a scene that catches his eye and he is witness to the rush of beauty and life force unfolding before him. His paintings are recordings -- from those awestruck and inspired moments -- of what is fresh, immediate and alive, and in his estimation, true and real.

In the Canyonlands, 15" x 22"

Steve earned his bachelor's degree from Dennison University in Ohio with a major in psychology and minors in art and journalism. He continued his art education at the San Francisco Academy of Art College as well as several other art institutes, and has also studied with Charles Reid, Ron Ranson, and Tom Lynch. This award-winning artist has been teaching watercolor painting at the Pacific Art League of Palo Alto (California) for many years and has an enthusiastic following there. He also teaches on-location painting classes in Mexico for the International Elderhostel Organization and has been teaching summer classes in recent years at the Ah Haa School of Art in Telluride, Colorado.

Half Dome Majesty, 30" x 36"

View from off Tioga Road, 22" x 30"

Along Skyline, 14" x 20"

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