Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Belinda Del Pesco

Pink & White Roses, 14" x 14" -- watercolor

Belinda Del Pesco works in the classical tradition of landscape, figure, and still-life painting, dividing her time between watercolor painting and printmaking. A life-long fascination with the nuances of face and figure -- and the seasonal changes in natural light on everyday things -- have been a constant source of inspiration. Her affinity for the artistic traditions of the late 19th and early 20th century is further influenced by exposure to the vast art resources on the internet. In her own words, "As artists, we are living in an extraordinary time of split-second exposure in both directions; we can see and be influenced by millions of art images, methods and history about our heroes, and we can share what we produce under those influences. My experience as an artist is completely different than my mother's generation, and I'm very appreciative of that." Belinda prefers to paint on very smooth surfaces -- plate bristol, hot-pressed paper, and gessoed wood and uses both watercolor and colored pencils when adding to her oil-based prints. Her printmaking methods include dark-field monotype, woodcut/linocut, collograph, dry point engraving and etching.

Movie Night, 5" x 7" -- monotype ghost with watercolor

Got Any More Cookies, 6" x 9" -- linocut with watercolor

Originally from New England, Belinda was raised in a family of emigré artists and inventors, where creativity was encouraged and seasoned by influences from Italy, France, England, and Canada. After earning a degree at the University of Massachusetts, she headed west and went to work in public relations in the entertainment industry. After a decade-long hiatus from art, an invitation to paint plein air re-ignited her love for watercolors, and, in 2001, she left the corporate world to paint full time. Since then she's won numerous awards and commissions and her paintings are in collections worldwide. In 2005, she started blogging as a means to share her painting and printmaking methods. To date, she has catalogued over 400 posts, and blogging has added to her sense of community as a watercolorist. Access to other watercolorists used to be limited to books, magazines, and gallery hopping; now, through blogs, online friendships, artist forums, and google searches, her camaraderie with other watercolorists is deep, wide, and international.

Pomegranates from Arizona, 6" x 8" -- watercolor

Respite, 7" x 7" -- watercolor

Please visit Belinda's blog to see more of her work and to link to her website and her online sales venues.