Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Carolyn Lord

Blue Note Poppies, 15" x 11"

Carolyn Lord has a very direct manner of painting shape-to-shape that was influenced by a George Post workshop in 1976 and solidified during a summer painting trip in the Utah desert two years later. This method of painting interlocking forms was perfectly suited to those climate conditions. There is no glazing or building up of color and values -- everything is painted directly onto dry paper with a size 36 Goliath brush. However, she also is comfortable with a wet-into-wet approach and now varies her manner of painting depending on the light, the humidity, the subject, and her inspiration.

L and Chestnut, 15" x 22"

She is happiest painting what is around her -- her garden, her town, familiar objects. She enjoys the play of light on the things around her as well as the juxtaposition of objects -- golden hay bales and lavender-blue skies, a garden hose with an orange tree, low buildings with tall telephone poles -- and they become the formal elements of line, volume, perspective, color, and value in her paintings. Her work presents an intensely personal point of view, celebrating the overlooked and the banal in the landscape, digging deep into the familiar to find her subjects.

Front Porch Pots, 15" x 22"

Peaceful Pacific, 11" x 15"

Waning Autumn, 22" x 15"

Carolyn has an impressive list of accomplishments, from shows to feature articles. Please go to
her website to see more of her work and details of her career.