Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Car Culture -- Diane Morgan and Ron Morrison

watercolor, 17" x 22"
Diane Morgan

This Caddie Has Run Its Course
watercolor, 15" x 30"
Ron Morrison

Diane Morgan and Ron Morrison are both passionate about cars, but approach the subject from quite different directions. While Diane celebrates the new/shiny/powerful aspects of cars, Ron finds inspiration in their decline -- from single "portraits" to piles of rusting hulks. Both of them skillfully exploit watercolor to depict the characteristics of their subjects and clearly enjoy working with the medium.

Diane's goal is "to transform simple everyday life into un-ordinary, not-so-still life" which she accomplishes by using lighting, reflections, exaggerated contrasts and unusual compositions. She says, "I love how the medium takes command. The artist starts the process, but the paint takes charge and leads the work to a sometimes unintended outcome. It's always exhilarating."

Diane's portfolio:

Hot As A Heartbeat, 22" x 29"

Heaven is a '57, 20" x 15"

Mercedes Mascot, 20" x 16"

Highway to Heaven, 22" x 28

Top Down Day, 21" x 16"

Ron says simply, "I've always loved the shapes and colours of old vehicles as they settle in for the long rust. I especially enjoy creating scenes using characters I have collected over the years. These paintings are from my imagination. I am after the entertainment factor. No mask, little reference material, just draw and paint." Ron often returns to the same subjects, recombining images and manipulating mood through his use of form and color.

Ron's portfolio:

'35 Plymouth, 11" x 15"

Pile of Chevys (detail)

The Heaps Are Piling Up, 22" x 30"

Shifting Into Neutrals, 22" x 30"

The Trading Post V, 22" x 30"

Halloween Is Near, 22" x 30"

Please visit Diane's website and Ron's blog to see more of their paintings.