Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sarah Yeoman

Winter of the White Pines, 17" x 21"

"For me the poetry of color and the music of line are best expressed with watercolor because of its unpredictable nature and its transparent qualities."

Fueled by her love of both music and a wide range of visual arts including sculpture, Sarah Yeoman eventually found her strongest creative voice in watercolor. Nourished by the natural beauty of northern Delaware and of the Adirondack Mountains in upstate New York, she is attuned to the mood and spirit of the land. Rather than laying on paper an exact copy of the world she observes, she allows her paintings to develop organically -- revealing the presence of the artist in the process -- and, with each painting, she invites the viewer to enter the narrative and finish the story.

Falling Light, 22" x 30"

Crow Caucus, 22" x 30"

Teaching is an integral part of who Sarah is as an artist. She teaches weekly classes in her studio as well as workshops thoughout the Northeast, guiding and coaching her students to discover their own paths and unique visual expression. Her paintings have been juried into museum and gallery shows in Delaware and Pennsylvania, and her work is on display at Hardcastle Gallery in Centreville, DE and at Abanakee Studios in Indian Lake, NY. Sarah is on the board of the Philadelphia Watercolor Society and has recently been chosen as one of fifteen Master Artists from the state of Delaware.

Homer's Blues, 22" x 30"

Ocean, 20" x 30"

Please link to Sarah's website to see more of her work.