Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Andy Evansen

Daybreak at Shem's Creek, 14" x 19"

Largely self-taught, Andy Evansen was drawn to watercolor after acquiring a Charles Reid book on figure painting when he was in high school. Interested primarily in the landscape, he has taken workshops from renowned artists such as Skip Lawrence, Eric Weigardt and Alvaro Castagnet. Andy observes, "They instilled in me the delicate balance between painting loosely yet convincingly through strong shapes and good design, and that is what I now pass on to my students. Any scene is a possible painting for me, provided the light and shapes attract my eye. The struggle to master a medium that is best when left to 'do its own thing' will, I'm sure, keep me humbled and excited for years to come."

Huddle Up, 10" x 14"

House on the Hill, 10" x 14"

Andy has been painting watercolors for almost 20 years and now paints and teaches around the world. He has made recent painting trips to China, Europe, Mexico, and Canada and will be teaching a workshop for the Southwestern Watercolor Society in Dallas in mid-October. His work has appeared in several magazines -- International Artist, Watercolor, and Watercolor Artist. In 2011, Andy will be a guest artist at the Plein Air Painters of America Exhibition and Sale in Stockton, California. His work can be seen at Segil FIne Art in Monrovia, California and at the Wilcock Gallery in Excelsior, Minnesota.

The Sampan, 7" x 10"

Fishing From Shore, 10" x 14"

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