Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Verena Heroux

Midsummer's Morning, 21" x 29"

Growing up in the English countryside inspired in Verena Heroux a love of nature's beauty and the desire to portray it in watercolor. Surrounded by her father's beautiful gardens, she began painting flowers at a very early age. Although she painted all through her childhood, she set her interests aside to raise her family and only began to paint seriously in 1998, after her husband retired. She has taken no formal classes in either painting or composition, being primarily self-taught through books and self-directed study.

Flirtation, 17" x 27"

Verena prefers to work from photos so she can capture the play of sun and shadow which is critical in the design of her paintings, so she always takes her camera on her morning walks and frequently stops to photograph the flowers in her neighbors' gardens. Working on Arches 300 lb. cold-pressed paper, she uses an assortment of kolinsky brushes -- rounds from size 2 to 10 -- and a Richeson 2-inch flat sable for background washes. She uses Daniel Smith and Maimeri Blu watercolors and also Incredible White Mask liquid frisket.

Sunday Afternoon, 17" x 27"

Fairy Tales, 16" x 22"

Verena has held several solo shows and has been juried into numerous local and regional shows, winning many awards along the way. She became a Signature Member of the Watercolor Society of North Carolina in 2005 and is active in the Southern Watercolor Society. As a finalist in International Artist magazine's "Still-life and Florals Challenge #47," her work was published in the October/November 2008 issue of that magazine. She is currently working on an article demonstrating her painting techniques for International Artist. Verena is represented by the Mattie King Davis Gallery and Handscapes Gallery, both in Beaufort, NC.

Shadow Boxing, 16" x 22"

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