Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Claire Schroeven Verbiest

Denim Nation, 24" x 20"

Watching pigment and water dance together on the page fascinates Claire Verbiest and compels her to return to the process time and again. Her subject matter is varied. It is her pursuit of the effects of light on form and color that is the unifying element in her work. The figure -- an early love of hers -- has become her focus again, with the goal of incorporating it in familiar settings where people are engaged in mundane tasks or activities. "Denim Nation" (a scene from a sidewalk cafe in the Mission district of San Francisco) is an example of her 'new' direction.

Summer, 24" x 12"

Claire has been painting in watercolor for some time, and her work has received many awards and accolades along the way. Her paintings have been published in numerous books on watercolor technique, including several of the Splash books, a series featuring the best in watercolor which is published by North Light Books. In addition to painting full time, she gives workshops in the U.S. and overseas. She regularly serves as a juror and gives demonstrations for local art organizations, and she is a signature member of several art societies. Currently she has work in a show at the Triton Museum in Santa Clara, California, where she has exhibited numerous times in the past.

Here at Last, 20" x 18"

Scarlet Wall, 20" x 15"

Water, Melon, Glass, 22" x 17"

Go to Claire's website for more information and to see more of her work (both watercolor and soft pastel).